Visa Prepaid Card 101

The Visa Prepaid card is an intelligent and cost-effective alternative to bringing cash and purchasing check-cashing fees. Because it is a pre-funded card, you only spend what money you fill in it and you can typically get it without a credit check or bank account. Simply buy the Visa Prepaid card from one of online issuers or at a store near you, fill it with the cash amount you select and enjoy the purchasing ability of Visa. You can utilize it to make buys and pay bills everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, including in stores, online or over the phone. 

It's easy to get a Visa Prepaid Debit card, you can purchase online, from participating bank branches or local stores near you. 

Your card attaches the Visa logo, so you can applied it anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted – in stores, online or over the phone. Because it is a prepaid card, shopping is limited to the amount of money you load on the card. Every time you spend money on your card, the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your card balance. 

Way to Exchange Gift Card Online

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Ever recieved a gift card to a store you do not ever shop at. You was wondering if there was a way to "trade it in" for a different store?

Although gift cards continue to top the list of most requested presents for many people. But what if you don't like the one you get? 

The chances are ....

You can shove it in a drawer and let it expire


You can exchange gift value credit to Sports Authority for the iTunes card you really want through a gift card exchange

Why Should You Buy Gift Cards as Presents?

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Your choice getting limited, can expire at anytime even without you realizing – as costumers of particular retailer noticing out – can be worthless at the time a company having financial problem. Then, why are gift cards have particular interest on so many people’s special days shopping lists?

In United States, the first gift card using for payments model was brought by Blockbuster entertainment in 1994. At the time, the gift cards was to substitue gift certificates that were being frauded using modern color copies and color printers.

It was this excessive redemption of giftcards that released the inovation of alternative. The first giftcard dealings were prepared by what was then, Nabanco of Sun rising, California. Nabanco was the designer of the first system for the handling of giftcards using current transaction facilities.