Create the Perfect Wedding Gift Card Holder

It is quiet essential to have a gift card holder at wedding reception. If you haven’t, chances are you can be trapped holding and tracking cards throughout your reception, or worst you could also losing your wedding presents.
Gift card owners can take on many types, but using an actual box is most usual one. If you select to go that path, ensure that to use a box that has a lowest depth of six inches wide. 

Bear in mind, wedding cards are generally large, and if you select a box too superficial you can endanger cards not suitable or stuffed from your gift card holder.

One more thing  to consider is that you can quickly create a gift card box to use at the wedding. Creating your own gift card holder is not only highly affordable, but will permit you flexibility in design and shade. Follow these tips to create your own gift card holder.

1. Look for the suitable container. When selecting a box, look for color, style and size. A craft shop is a good spot to look, since craft boxes can quickly be modified into a holder for the wedding cards. When choosing a box color remember that conventional white will always work, but you can also use some color that is in the wedding.

2. Evaluate a long narrow cut in the top of your gift card holder. To make this happen, first discover the center of your box lid, if you are using a rectangle-shaped box track 2 diagonal lines  on the top side of the box from reverse sides , the center will be where the line crossed. 

Then measure a directly horizontally range that goes through the center of the box; this range should be 1 inches wide long, such that it is above the center by half an inches wide and below the center by half an inches wide. 

This 1 inches wide range symbolizes the size of your slit. Now you can figure out the length of the slit, by lining perpendicular to the width line you drew , and searching a 6 inches wide range so that the center of your box lid strikes in the center and 3 inches wide are on either side of the center line. 

The ultimate calculating step is simply increasing the 1 inches height on either far end of the width line. This will let you to quickly sketch a directly length line above and below the width. The outcome will be a rectangle-shaped slit that is 1 inches height by 6 inches wide in size that drops in the middle of your box lid.

3. Cut off the slit. Use a box cutter tools here for best results. Start by putting a hole with the box cutter in the middle of your slit outline. Then gradually move the box cutter to the corner being cautious not to go slip off the slit outline. Lastly use the box cutter to monitor the full summarize of your slit.

4. Beautify your holder. This is interesting aspect. You can be innovative here, using covering paper, ribbons, beading or sequins. These are products that can quickly be found in either a craft shop or party supply shop. A few information to think about when decorating:

  • If you are using a gift holder with a top and base, and want to embellish it with covering paper, you might want to cover each part independently. This will let you to quickly take apart the box after the wedding celebration. 
  • Whether you are covering your holder or using another design, be sure to cover all the noticeable sides, making extra effort to ensure that the corner around the slit are not seen.

If you would rather not create a gift card holder or use a box, think smartly. Daily products such as a vase with a wide opening or a simple tray can be used as gift card holder. If you are looking for something more distinguish, you can even use a birdcage card holder for the wedding reception.

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