Affiliate Disclosure


There certain things about this blog need to make clear. Even though this blog is a great blog with practical tips for gift card buyers I wouldn’t like to give you false hopes so I have decided to create this page to clear your doubts.

Tips Disclaimer

The tips provided here are comes from internet research, personal experiences or contributors submissions.
Every tips preached are practical and take time, and you have to realize this.

I’d also like you to know that I won’t be liable for any loss incurred in the process of trying to implement the tips given on this blog. I only give you tips based on my research and experience. Do proper research before taking any action!

Affiliate Disclosure

I promote affiliate products on this blog occasionally. This means I make a commission whenever you buy a product from most of the links I recommend.

In most cases, if I provide affiliate link that I will indicate as an affiliate promotion, and I sometimes forget to (which is why I created this page). Do your proper research before buying any product online.

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